Quantcast Cage  Brakes

TM   9-2320-363-10 2-38.  CAGE  AND  UNCAGE  BRAKES. a. Cage  Brakes.    In  the  event  of  an  air  pressure  loss,  spring  brakes  on the  tandem  rear  axles  will  apply  the  brakes.  If  the  vehicle  must  be  towed  and  there  is not enough air system pressure to compress the power spring in the spring brake chambers to release the brakes, compress them manually. Each vehicle has four spring   brakes. Brake  chamber  contains  spring  under  great  pres- sure.  To  prevent  personnel  injury,  never  work directly   behind   chamber.   If   caging   bolt   will   not engage  properly,  spring  may  be  broken. Do   not   remove   clamp   ring   around   spring   brake chamber. It is under tension and can cause person- nel  injury  if  released. When  spring  brakes  are  applied,  vehicle  will  stop quickly  which  could  result  in  injury  to  personnel. Also, vehicle cannot be driven again until malfunc- tion  is  repaired  and  enough  air  supply  is  present  for operation  of  service  brakes. When  caging  brakes,  block  wheels  to  keep  truck from  moving  when  brakes  are  released.  Failure  to follow this warning may result in death or injury to personnel  or  damage  to  equipment. (1) Block  wheels. 2-125


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