Quantcast OPERATE  SLIDING  FIFTH  WHEEL  (M916A1  AND  M916A2). (cont)

TM    9-2320-363-10 2-22. OPERATE  SLIDING  FIFTH  WHEEL  (M916A1  AND  M916A2) (Con’t). b. When   operating   off- road,   release   fifth   wheel   (oscillating) travel  lockout  by  removing  locking  pin (3) and reinserting fifth wheel to oscil- (2) lowering lockout locking  pin,  allowing late  side-to-side. Handle  must  be  used  when  operating  release  lever.  Fail- ure  to  do  so  could  result  in  injury  to  personnel. c. Using  handle  (7),  pull  locking  release  lever  (5)  and  release  two  slide locking  plungers  (8).  Ensure  that  plungers  release.  If  plungers  did  not  release,  lower landing  gear  to  relieve  pressure  and  allow  fifth  wheel  to  slide  more  easily. d. Drive  tractor  slowly  forward  or  backward  to  position  fifth  wheel. e.       After sliding to desired position,  engage  two  slide  locking  plung- ers (8) by using handle (7) to trip release lever  (5)  and  allow  plungers  to  retract. f. Visually check that two slide locking plungers (8) are retracted and fully engaged. It may be necessary to leave trailer brakes locked and move tractor   slightly   to   engage   plungers   in rack teeth (6). g. If  lowered,  raise  landing gear  to  fully  retracted  position. 2-101


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