DDEC TROUBLESHOOTING 63.3   TROUBLESHOOTING FLASH CODE 63 The following procedure will troubleshoot Flash Code 63. 63.3.1 Determine Assignment Perform the following steps to determine assignment. 1.    Turn ignition ON. 2.    Plug in the DDR. 3.    Select INs/OUTs.  To what is PWM assigned?  Write down assignment vs cavity and code, listed in Table 63-1. Code PWM Wire Location Wire  # S057 PWM  #1 J3 #908 S058 PWM  #2 Y1 #909 S059 PWM  #3 E2 #910 S060 PWM  #4 X2 #911 Table 63-1 PWM Assignments 4.    Select code display. 5.    Determine Failure Mode Identifier (FMI). [a]    If FMI 3 displays, there is a short to the battery. Refer to section 63.3.2 [b]    If FMI 4 displays, refer to step 6 6.    Verify function. [a]    If there is a component wired to this position, refer to section 63.3.3. [b]    If there is no component wired to this position, reprogram to eliminate the assigned function. (A change may be required to the DDC mainframe.) Refer to section 63.3.9. 63.3.2 Verify Short to Battery Perform the following steps to verify a short to battery: 1.    Turn ignition OFF. 2.    Disconnect 30-pin connector:  engine connector if PWM 2, 3 or 4; vehicle connector if PWM 1. 3.    Measure voltage between the cavity with the code and the good ground. [a]    If the voltage measurement is greater than 3 volts, the connector is shorted to the battery.  Repair.  Refer to section 63.3.9. All information subject to change without notice. 6SE497  9709  Copyright © 1997 DETROIT DIESEL CORPORATION 63-5


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