Quantcast Crimp and Removal Tools - TM-9-2320-302-20_1434

TM 9-2320-302-20 0119 00-6 ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS MAINTENANCE - CONTINUED 0119 00 COMMERCIAL CONNECTOR REPAIR 1. Crimp and Removal Tools. Crimp tools and connector removal tools can be purchased from Kent-Moore. Tools and associated part numbers are listed in Table 1. Table 1. Crimp and Removal Tools. 2. Metri-Pack 150 Connectors. a. Connector Part Numbers. (1) Metri-Pack  150  series  connectors  are  “pull-to-seat”  connectors.  Each  wire  must  be  pushed  through  the connector prior to crimping the terminal. Cable seals are inserted into the shell of the connector and hold many wires. (2) Metri-Pack 150 connectors are listed in Table 2. CONNECTOR TOOL PART NUMBER Metri-Pack 150 Removing J35689 Crimp J35123 Weather Pack Removing J36400-5 Crimp J35606 Metri-Pack 280 Removing (18 AWG) J33095 Crimp (18 AWG) J38125-6 Removing (12 AWG - Used for power harness) J33095 Crimp (12 AWG - Used for power harness) J39848 Deutsch Removing (12 AWG) J37451 Removing (16-18 AWG) J34513 Crimp J34182


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